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Drue will always be in bed, asleep, claiming she’s “so tired and exhausted” and Gabe will be the “sweet loving” husband he makes himself out to be and take care of the baby. Drue will only use her child for photo shoots, tiktoks, and dress up parties..

Snark for Drue and Gabe Basham. Follow our sister page for Sierra and Tyler r/bashinthebiehles. Advertisement Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. Sports ...Gabe Ikard. Gabe Ikard Enjoying Life's Journey from Football Field to ... Categories. Barrett Jones · Courtney Love · Danny Wuerffel · Dillan Gibbons · Drue ...Drues post said tag your bestie and Jordan tagged drue on her own post Reply Upset-Frosting-4972 • Additional comment actions. They stopped hanging out once Gabe got his boat. I think Drue and Gabe used them since Dakota …

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About Community. A place to discuss Drue and Gabe Basham. Follow our sister page r/bashinthebiehles for Sierra and Tyler. Created Dec 11, 2021. 33.1k. Cutesy Faceless Trolls.DREAM HOUSE 🏡 : r/Drueandgabe by Delicious-Ebb6130 HER dreams made it possible for her husband to want the same dreams hahahahah narcissist much I mean you have to …Gabe has 100k and she has 1.2mil yet they get the SAME amount of interactions. Tell me u buy them without TELLING me . ... He makes his own money and doesn’t have to rely on my money like Gabe does with Drue. GOD Gabe is a baby back bitch😂 ...80 votes, 120 comments. 33K subscribers in the Drueandgabe community. A place to discuss Drue and Gabe Basham. Follow our sister page…

Well yeah there’s tension. Drue and her family threw ALL the blame of Gabe’s posts on his family. Her mom was literally was commenting saying that the BASHAMS were racist and not the LEES.Drue and gabe just because you 2 are depressed over doing nothing better with your lives than sitting at home all day doesn’t mean the rest of us are depressed and unhappy. We all have jobs that we love and family and friends and we don’t have to lie to everybody. I got one too but I didn’t know if it was from this page or another 😂 I ...Doesn’t care about his health and my family member is now 37 and almost died. Their heart stopped and was on a ventilator for weeks. They have congestive heart failure and kidney issues. Gabe really needs to start taking care of himself and telling Drue no to eating out so often if he wants to live a healthy long life in the future.Hey @drue..b, @drue..b2.0, & @gabe..b1 heres my proposal on celebrating the last 623 days of my life 💜 of course @uniquelee_dawna could join too but I know this is a big ask so take all the time you need to think about it.

38 votes, 31 comments. In her most recent video Gabe is in the background and you can hear a saw start running. I know she has been showing progress…Kameleoon Platform. We are currently experiencing increased shipping volumes. Processing can take up to 15 business days. Well yeah there’s tension. Drue and her family threw ALL the blame of Gabe’s posts on his family. Her mom was literally was commenting saying that the BASHAMS were racist and not the LEES. ….

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Putting something into perspective here… I’m sure we’ve all heard about the 8 passengers abuse. Their snark group has 32k members, so does Drues. A literal criminal has as many snarkers as drue and gabe… let that sink in drueby. The crack in Gabe’s voice when he says he’s fat breaks my heart. I do think he wants to lose weight but the only content Drue has right now revolves around food and she cares more about followers than her husband’s health. She is straight up acting in this video and it shows. DRUE: YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE TERRIBLE WIFE!This dude has been claiming he beat his sisters r*pist to death when he was a teenager and went to prison,has been asking for money on CashApp and PayPal for years has finally been called out & turns out he doesn’t even have a murder charge. His old user (now deleted) was mamas.boy.colt. 114. 35. r/tiktokgossip.

Jordyn Drue. SUNY Albany Alum 2022. Center for Disability ServicesUniversity at ... Gabe Villamizar. Marketing Leadership at Lucid Software. We Help Teams SEE ...Muscle Ups with Kali Muscle , Psycho Dru and Coach Gabe at Santa Monica Pier - Take your mind to another place!

gg249 white Drue is slowly killing Gabe. In recent videos Gabe has said he wants to work on himself and get rid of his weight. In all honesty I can see him trying to get better but Drue just sits there and enables him. citibank mas cercanosparklight customer portal Drue’s parents. So as we know Drue’s parents are more involved than Gabe’s parents so I wonder how they truly feel about Gabe being unemployed. Since they hold both conservative and Christian values, I would assume they believe that men should be the providers and take care of their families. He’s basically living off of Drue’s income ...Posted in the DesireeLuckeysnarkkk community. r6 nal Drue and Gabe made me realize how I didn’t want to live r/Drueandgabe • My man may not buy me coffee in the mornings, but he also works 16 hrs a day in the oilfield and would damn sure buy me anything else I wanted/needed.TikTok video from DrueandGabe (@drueandgabe): "Drue&gabe ️ ️ your perfect!! @drue..b @Gabe & Drue". AMAZING. nycha preliminary waiting listmost amazing top 10 hostscostco pharmacy baton rouge Someone called her out & said that the jeans she has linked aren't the same ones she is wearing. Knowing damn well she linked a pair from Amazon bc… rbfcu payoff phone number 5 thg 6, 2022 ... Drue Lee and Gabe Basham from houston, TX have registered at for their wedding on June 5, 2022. Browse all their registries in one list.Saw a comment indicating they are but I always thought they were just close in age coffin navy blue nailsblack desert class tier list 2023daily gazette obituaries schdy ny Facebook drue likes to portray she’s some huge Christian girl and posts motivational quotes and Bible scriptures. YouTube is this pretend lifestyle for gabe of being some kind of big fisherman but his videos aren’t even something most men into fishing would watch because of the weird cringe baby talk and shit.Drue has a down line like no other and residual income that most ppl don’t make in 6months to a years time. That’s ONLY pay from downline. That doesn’t include new sign ups, team bonus’ for reaching certain goals, pay for all of her personal sells, ranking bonus etc.